Shahenshahi Thali at Amala Zabeel Saray

Shahenshahi Thali

Don’t eat for a week, take friend(s) and look forward to a tasty Thali which weighs in at over 13kg!

Could this be the biggest Thali in Dubai, the UAE or beyond? Read more about the Shahenshai Thail at Amala, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray over on FoodeMag dxb.  

Meanwhile here’s my thoughts on some of my favorite dishes from the Thali platter:

  • The Chicken Jalfrezi was spicy and rich
  • The Galouti kebab was silky smooth and melted in our mouth as a good galouti kebab should do!
  • The Tandoori chicken was charred in all the right places, delicately spiced yet still soft and tender.
  • The prawns were delicious with subtle flavours and some unusual textures which worked well together.
  • Finally, the Indian mutton, in at least two different dishes, was tender and served in a rich unctuous gravy.
  • Desserts! – Four small pots of dessert delivered on taste and texture, and unlike most Indian desserts we’ve had before, were not too sweet and sickly, so a big thumbs up for these.

There were plenty of other dishes too, but these are some of the ones that stuck in our memories and spring to mind without reference to the menu.

Full post over at FoodeMag dxb



Honey ~ memories of a virtual hug in a mug

Honey Comb

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Honey Love – a hug in a mug I bet you have a bottle or jar of honey in your cupboard, I know I certainly do.  I usually have about four or five different types to hand.  Runny honey for some uses and set honey for others.  I have a thing for set honey smothered on good quality high grain bread with banana mushed on the top as a weekend treat. How do you enjoy yours? Do you use it for cooking, to sweeten your cup of tea in the morning, use it in your beauty routine or something else? Here’s my first memory of honey which I shared in an article in FoodeMag dxb. My earliest childhood memories include a glass of honey, lemon and hot water when we had a cold. We were given a spoonful of honey after having to swallow a particularly nasty cough medicine to take away the bitter taste. Although my childhood memories …

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In an effort to post more often, I’m reducing the size of my posts so that I can write them more quickly and hopefully share some more of my experiences with you.  So here goes : I love trying new dining experiences, and stumbled on this one, slightly by accident whilst writing an article for FoodeMagdxb. I love ‘accidental finds’ and sometimes I’m a believer that things happen for a reason – anyway, whilst chatting to Chef Russell at Galeries Lafayette, he mentioned that Chef Adrian had lost a lot of weight by following a 30 day challenge set to him by Chef Hayley Mac from BeStro – essentially Chef Adrian followed a raw, vegan, dairy, gluten and sugar free meal plan which had been set for him by Chef Hayley.  This was a complete U turn in Adrian’s usual eating plans, and resulted in a staggering loss of 14kgs in a month !! Bravo Adrian and Hayley.