CoffeeCakesAndRunning Fit, Healthy & Happy #Fit4Fifty

Fit, Healthy & Happy #Fit4Fifty

Is it possible to be healthy and happy and not at your perfect weight?? Absolutely ! and that’s what I’m going to work towards this year as I embark on a little project which I guess I should call Fit for Fifty !! (#Fit4Fifty)…..

I’ve always struggled with my weight, read any of my earlier posts on here and some dotted through out my blog and you will see that weight has been, and continues to be  a life long challenge.  The trigger for this post, was a memory that Facebook threw up a few days ago of a photo of me, super slim (size 8 !), fit and healthy and on holiday in Indonesia. The photo was taken after I had my weight loss surgery, lost a ton of weight, and spent half of my life it seemed in the gym doing every exercise class known to man and then a few more. I trained 12-15 hours a week, sometimes twice a day, I didn’t drink alcohol or fizzy drinks, I ate mainly protein and a few veggies and logged everything I ate or drank as well as measured my weight, my body composition and my body measurements in terms of inches.   I was focussed on an end point of losing maximum weight, getting super fit and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro which I did successfully.

The trouble is when I look back on that photo, and those times, I wasn’t really happy. Losing weight, getting fit etc didn’t really make me happy  or should I say happier than I was when I was fat, nor did it fix the things that were not going well for me in my personal life (I don’t share much of that in my blog as I like to keep it personal and rarely mention anyone else in my blog than me and my life).  If anything maybe it made it worse, or maybe it was just a way of taking control of a part of my life and by fixating on something else I could forget about what wasn’t making me happy and focus on something else.  Who knows, I don’t want to analyse too much, as frankly I’m not sure if it helps.  What it has made me realise however is that there has to be some sort of middle ground for me, someplace where I’m fit and healthy AND happy.



Fit, Healthy & Happy

This year as I approach the grand ‘old’ age of 50 ! yes 50 ! I am thinking that I need to get back onto track with some fitness and health projects again, so watch out for more posts on project #Fit4Fifty.  I’m still working out exactly what #Fit4Fifty will be so won’t write about it here – the only thing I do know is #Fit4Fifty is about being Fit, Healthy and Happy however I define that, no longer will I be swayed by having a ‘perfect bikini body’ or an idea BMI since this measure is grossly outdated.


Before I leave this post, here’s a bit of reflection – not sure if it helps to reflect or not ? personally I am someone who is good at giving out advice to others (I used to be a HR Director so it was kind of a role of my job to be constantly giving advice and coaching, dealing with sensitive issues whilst never being outwardly affected myself).  In honesty I’m someone who compartmentalises things and moves on, maybe I never deal with the issue at the time and that’s an issue in itself – who knows …

Why did it all change and why did I gain weight and lose my fitness after all that hard work ?

Hmm I guess I never really had chance to catch up on everything, I remember writing a post about the way in which I felt in my head didn’t reflect how I looked etc and I guess I never really worked on that, I actually found being so much thinner an uncomfortable place for me in particular with how I saw myself and my shape, I had lost my curves and didn’t feel sexy or attractive which was a big issue for me,  I also felt that my face had aged dramatically too and I looked far older than I was, so whilst I was lean and trim etc and wearing smaller, fitted gorgeous clothes it didn’t feel right for me.

In addition, since Kilimanjaro I feel that I lost my focus in so many ways, lots of reasons and, if I’m completely honest (and I try always to be) excuses why –  I had a change in my life and my lifestyle, actually quite a big change. I had a change in career, I had a few illnesses including a nasty bout of pneumonia which knocked me for six as well as a few minor surgeries meaning I couldn’t train for a while as I had to recuperate.

I also enjoyed the freedom of not keeping track of everything and indulged in things that I like doing, carefree eating and drinking – alcohol is back on the menu as are rich desserts and sweet treats (yup, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that, but it’s honest and true – and I seem to be programmed to love sweet things…)

Frankly I’ve got back into a cycle that’s resulted in a gain of weight and my fitness is also affected, neither of which I’m not happy about (though I think I look younger) and whilst all of my stats are good and in the normal ranges, it’s something that could be harmful to my health going forward.


So watch this space for more about #Fit4Fifty – I’m not sure what it will be exactly yet, but I do promise that I will focus on being Fit, Healthy and HAPPY.

And as an aside there will be :

  • NO Chia (sorry feels like tadpole eggs in my mouth)
  • NO Juice Fasts or Cleanses (too extreme and short term gain only)
  • NO Avo on toast (really is Avocado such a long word you can’t manage the last 4 letters….) and
  • NO starvation or silly fad.

Instead there will be a focus on  :

  • Eating well and healthy but on a budget
  • Dining out (after all it’s part of my job) and
  • Exercise (sorry more posts of me in the gym and sweaty) but I will do this in a structured way so that I don’t have to become a total gym addict.
  • ALL fuelled by Specialty Coffee. 

And just to get you up and active, here’s a special piece of music that sums it all up – on of my mum’s favourites and oh so true ! 🙂


Please do keep following my #Fit4Fifty journey as I share the ups and downs of my continual journey, certainly not a sprint, more of a marathon with plenty of bumps along the way, a few detours and plenty of obstacles I’m sure.