CoffeeCakesAndRunning Is Fifty the new Forty? I say it is for sure

Is Fifty the new Forty? I say it is for sure

Is Fifty new forty? I would probably argue that it’s closer to being thirty than forty to be honest.  Maybe I’m a little biased or seeing things through rose tinted glasses, maybe not.  In October I will reach the ripe old age of fifty, which to be honest feels just like a number rather than a significant milestone.  Personally I don’t feel any older today than I did years ago. In fact I am enjoying life much more than I did when I was younger.  I think as you get older you learn to accept yourself a bit more, be less sensitive to criticism of others and most importantly become more confident in just being you.  Does this mean I’ve become complacent about things? Absolutely not! I just refuse to be swayed by the heavily photoshopped models or celebrities as being role models for us.  I refuse to spend hours a day sculpting my face with makeup to have a super chiseled profile shot on Instagram. I refuse to spend a fortune on expensive beauty products choosing more natural products which are typically less expensively marketed or boxed.  I refuse to believe that unless we are a size 10, 12, etc that we can’t lead a happy life.  I refuse to be a victim of all of this mass marketing rubbish which I am sure added to my insecurities about being me a long time ago.


Earlier this year I wrote a post about being Fit, Healthy & Happy Fit4Fifty which you can read about here.  My aims were to be :

  • Eating well and healthy but on a budget
  • Dining out (after all it’s part of my job) and
  • Exercise (sorry more posts of me in the gym and sweaty) but I will do this in a structured way so that I don’t have to become a total gym addict.
  • ALL fuelled by Specialty Coffee. 

So how am I doing against this goal? Err well to be honest, as I always am here, I haven’t made much progress in the gym or exercise front.  At the moment it’s just not something of interest. I won’t force myself to do it as I will only be mad and beat myself up when I give up, which is inevitable if I’m not personally fully committed at the beginning. I’m a big believer of doing things at the right time for me, and I know the right time will come and I will get back to an exercise routine.

I am eating much healthier, virtually everything eaten at home is cooked from scratch with lots of vegetables and lean meat.  I’m also managing to cook well on a limited budget by shopping wisely and being imaginative with my dishes. Put your mind to it and it’s not difficult.

As for the Specialty Coffee bit I am excelling! Yay! I’m drinking plenty of the good quality stuff and love every sip of my coffee.  After all Life is too short to drink crap coffee!

I just want to add one more target to the list – Travel more.

  • Whether it be DayCations, StayCations, Weekends exploring the UAE, or further away I’m up for it.
  • Things that I can do with my new puppy Lexi will be fun too!
  • I want to travel the world more, Japan, Korea (North and South), Myanmar, Norway, Sweden, Iceland you are all on my list as well as a ton of other places too!
  • I will probably train for another significant adventure challenge next year, probably another mountain adventure or maybe a test of my endurance.
  • I also want to do a long cross country train journey like the Trans Siberian Railway, The Ghan train in Australia, The Golden Eagle (Moscow to Tehran) are all calling.
  • Canada, the US, South America – you are all calling me as I fear a short trip to Florida did not do you justice at all!
  • I’ve a yearning to do something reclusive – a retreat, a digital free haven perhaps I’m not sure as yet.
  • And finally a cruise! Yes a Cruise! I want to do the Panama Canal, it’s been calling me for years and has to be done at some stage.
  • Maybe, just maybe I need to become a digital nomad, if not full time, at least in mind and spirit until such time as I can do it full time.

So is fifty the new forty or thirty? or does it matter at all? I’ll leave you to decide.  At the end of the day it’s up to you if you think a number defines who or what we become or do.

Debbie xx  – aged 49 and three quarters – but who’s counting !




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