Specialty Coffee Map for Dubai

Specialty Coffee Places and Roasters

Forget the words “Premium” or “Gourmet” in relation to coffee, as these are often marketing terms.  Instead, if you love great coffee, look out for the words “Specialty Coffee” or “Single Origin” and you will have found nirvana.

Specialty Coffee is coffee which scores 80 points or above on a 100 point scale (rated by SCAA) and is distinctive in taste as the beans used to produce the coffee have little to no defects.  Specialty Coffee is grown in special and ideal climates providing unique flavours and tastes as a result of the special characteristics and composition of soil in which they are grown.

Dubai has a growing Speciality Coffee Scene, sometimes referred to as Third Wave.  Absolutely worth hunting out I bring to you the best places serving Specialty Coffee in Dubai.

If I’ve missed anything please do let me know and I will add a listing.

Specialty Coffee Places and Roasters

No longer just the preserves of far of lands, Specialty Coffee Shops and Roasters have slowly made their mark in Dubai and we now have quite a bustling Specialty Coffee Scene.

Dubai is home to many Specialty Coffee options and here are some of the highlights :

* Coffee Hubs, Cafes and Labs

* Roasters

* A social Coffee Club

* Our very own Coffee Museum

* Mobile Specialty Coffee Trucks & Pop Ups

* Regular Barista Throwdowns

* Home to the Tea & Coffee Festival every year

* Home to the Ibrik Championship at Gulf Food

* Host to the Ibrik Specialty Food Festival

* Home Baristas – we have gadgets galore for you too!

Feel the buzz !! We’ve a thriving coffee specialty scene with many Cafe’s and Roasters – the scene is evolving as more and more people become interested in knowing more about Specialty Coffee, where it’s from, how it’s roasted, ground and finally brewed.

Join the Caffeine Buzz !!