CoffeeCakesAndRunning Specialty Coffee Map for Dubai

Specialty Coffee Map for Dubai

The Specialty Coffee scene in the UAE

No longer just the preserves of far off lands, Specialty Coffee Shops and Roasters have made their mark in Dubai and the rest of the UAE and we now have quite a bustling Specialty Coffee Scene.

The UAE is home to many Specialty Coffee options and here are some of the highlights :

  • We have plenty of Specialty Coffee Hubs, Cafes and Labs – see my map and listing for more details.
  • We have quite a few Specialty Coffee Roasters – show on the map and listings.
  • A social Coffee Club
  • Our very own Coffee Museum in Al Fahidi District.
  • We have many mobile Specialty Coffee Trucks & Pop Ups
  • We host regular Barista Throwdowns and competitions
  • Dubai is home to the Tea & Coffee Festival every year
  • Dubai hosts the Ibrik Championship at Gulf Food
  • Dubai host the Ibrik championship at the Specialty Food Festival
  • Abu Dhabi hosts barista championships too as well as a two day Coffee Festival
  • There are plenty of opportunities for people to become home Baristas with training available as well as plenty of gadgets

We’ve a thriving coffee specialty scene with many Cafe’s and Roasters – the scene is evolving as more and more people become interested in knowing more about Specialty Coffee, where it’s from, how it’s roasted, ground and finally brewed.

Join the Caffeine Buzz !!

Specialty Coffee Map

UAE Map : Click on the map for more information and detail

I’ve tried to include all the places I can find on this Specialty Coffee map, if I have missed anything, do drop me a line below.

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