CoffeeCakesAndRunning Dubai ~ A Brazilian Blowout which blew me away

Dubai ~ A Brazilian Blowout which blew me away

Brazilian Blowout at Kozma and Kozma

It’s hot and humid in Dubai and most of my sensible pals have left and are travelling to cooler climates, visiting family and friends or having adventures – the clever ones are doing all of the above !  

Meanwhile I’m here in Dubai avoiding the heat when I can and trying to get on with daily life in sizzling temperatures of 40C plus every day and with levels of humidity higher than I ever remember – it was rumoured we were going to reach 90% but I think we all stopped counting after 50% – seriously it feels hot as hell and then some – but hey, I still love living here – it’s just that July and August can be a tad tricky!

The humidity and heat are playing havoc with my hair – “hello frizz city” – I have to admit to giving up on the fight to tame my hair, so had starting a new trend of ‘the wet look is so in’ with my hair literally slathered with gel and serum trying to look vaguely normal and not like a huge human frizz ball ! So I’m sure you can understand why I was delighted when I got an invitation to check out a new salon called Kozma and Kozma in Al Wasl Road and to get a Brazilian BlowOut treatment for my hair.

Kozma and Kozma Location

The salon is on a service road on Al Wasl Road and a little understated from the road, in fact even the outside entry to the salon which was once a private villa didn’t impress too much, nor did having to pay for parking, there are 2 free slots but they were full when I arrived. Anyway, all of this was quickly forgotten when I pushed opened the door and was greeted with a light bright and airy reception area as well as the welcoming words “Hi, welcome to Kozma and Kozma, can we get our Barista to make you a drink”  – Fantastic ! What a welcome – instead of taking a seat and relaxing I was chatting to the Barista about the complimentary drinks menu and having a virgin mojito whipped up in front of my eyes whilst I waited for my appointment.

Snowman Pedicure

First treatment was a Snowman Pedicure ! I wasn’t sure what to expect but was ushered to a lovely mani/pedi area where my feet were plunged into a bowl of cold white gel crystals which were not only super cooling but fun as my therapist made a mini snowman for me as I got to swish my feet around in cooling and soothing gel.  All of this enjoyed from the comfort of my massage chair and whilst sipping my mojito – I even forgot to do some work at one point (I was trying to be super effective and multi-task).  Would I do this again? Yes ! highly recommended not only for the pedicure which was great, but for the ‘soothing chill factor’ of this uber cool experience which was perfect for a hot humid day.

Snowman Pedicure – not as gimmicky as I first thought – it’s a seriously relaxing and fun ‘uber cool’ treatment, I’d book it again.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Dubai ~ A Brazilian Blowout which blew me away

Brazilian Blowout

Next up was the Brazilian BlowOut treatment which was carried out in the spacious hair salon downstairs.  I’ve previously had Keratin treatments on my hair which have felt quite toxic, but  this is a softer treatment on the hair.   Throughout the treatment there were no nasty chemical smells as my hair was treated, nor was there any need to wear a mask.  Following the treatment application my hair was blowdried straight as per my request (although it also works well with natural wave), it was then washed out and finally styled and finished.

Each treatment includes takeaway aftercare products as well as a really informative handout full of Q&A’s as well as information about the product and when you can have future treatments etc. It’s the first time I’ve been giving such a comprehensive information sheet and I loved it.

And the result? Silky smooth hair – it’s a dream to manage even without products or a hair straightener – No more frizz (until the next treatment anyways).

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Dubai ~ A Brazilian Blowout which blew me away Rainbow hair colours from a previous treatment therefore the term ‘models own’ applies 🙂


Coffee is from a capsule machine, not quite a single origin coffee experience, but so much better than Nescafe and Instant Milk Powder which is often on offer at other salons! The Barista has some cute coffee stencils too from unicorns to inspirational message which add a nice fun touch.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Dubai ~ A Brazilian Blowout which blew me away


Kozma and Kozma

Find them on Instagram/Kozmaandkozma

Tel : 0565544534


FREE WiFi, Soft Drinks, Coffee & 1 x Mocktail plus a selection of sweets for a sugar high

TIP : Remember you need to pay for parking if you can’t get one of the 2 parking slots

SUMMING UP : Ignore the front of the building which is a bit unwelcoming, once you enter inside, this is a light, bright and gorgeous salon.  I barely scraped the surface of the treatments available, there are quite a few I’ve not heard of before, some quirky ones like the Snowman Pedicure, along with an amazing nail artist who I’m sure will be really busy.  Facials, Massages, etc are also on the menu and I’m pleased to say not once was I followed around by a poor lady trying to do my toes whilst I was having my hair done (I’ve had this at previous salons and am not a fan).

This is a place where the treatments take time, because your worth it ! The un rushed experience leaves you feeling like the Princess that you are 🙂

Prices : Hmmm a little high for an every day treat but comparable to other high end salons in Dubai. There are some loyalty packages available too and including aftercare products in with the price of a treatment means there’s no nasty ‘hard sell’ employed as you pay the bill.

Best of all the staff are super friendly, experienced and very knowledgeable – giving an overall relaxing and fun five star experience.

Disclaimer : I was invited to experience these treatments by Kozma and Kozma with no requirement to share my experience. As always, my post is based on my honest experience of the treatments received on the day. This post is not sponsored in any way. All words and images are my own.