CoffeeCakesAndRunning Dinner at Long Yin at LeMeridien Dubai

Dinner at Long Yin at LeMeridien Dubai

I was recently offered the opportunity of becoming an Ambassador for Le Meridien Dubai for the month of May.  Essentially this gave me the opportunity to dine in four different restaurants and to take some friends along with me with Le Meridien picking up the bill.  If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I quite like eating out so this was a great honour and something that I readily agreed to do.

Being a sociable twitter person, I decided to chose to take people who I ‘know’ through twitter as a way of meeting some fellow tweeps and getting to sample and review some new food as well giving us the opportunity to share our experiences with a wider audience through our twitter feeds.  PS – if I’ve lost you on the twitter part of this then click here and read some useful information about twitter written by the first lady I ever followed on twitter in Dubai – the fabulous @GeordieArmani

The first challenge I had was deciding which of the many restaurants to dine from as there is such a lot of choice.  I have previously eaten in Long Yin and wanted to go back again as I really enjoyed my previous meal and wanted to be able to try out some new dishes.

The restaurant was pleasantly busy during our visit which was on a Saturday night.  Once we had demolished a few bowls of candied pecans which were thoughtfully left on the table, we chose our drinks – some choosing different fresh juices whilst some of us used the iPad to scroll through an array of different wines on offer.  The wine we chose was unavailable, but the waiter helped us chose a good alternative.

The menu is varied, and there was some interesting discussion on the merits of men and women making menu selections – it appears (from our table anyway) that the women like to read the entire menu from front to back a few times and then make a choice – which takes a while, whilst the one man on our table seemed to be able to chose quickly – he decided on the type of protein he wanted then quickly just chose how he wanted it cooked and in which sauce – far too simple if you ask me !

Our starters arrived quite soon after ordering and we were not disappointed.  Three of us had settled for the Wasabi Prawns – which were particularly good with just the right level of warmth to the prawns without overpowering, whilst another order was for deep fried golden prawns and a final order for dumplings.  Starters were demolished fairly quickly and with little conversation, which in itself speaks volumes !

We had a nice gap between starters and mains, which gave us plenty of opportunity to discuss the interesting issues around living and working in the Middle East which is always interesting to explore.

My main course was Rack of Lamb Singaporean style with Chilli and it was really tasty.  The lamb was beautifully cooked and the chilli sauce was spicy but not overpowering.  Another diner had fried hammour with a sweet chilli sauce which was moist and not too spicy whilst another rack of lamb was also served with spicy XO sauce which my guest described as ‘alright’.  Finally one of my guests had wok fried prawns with pepper sauce which had a nice peppery kick to it, although she felt the dish had too many onions.

My desert comprised on crispy banana fritters which had a toffee apple like shell with a beautiful creamy vanilla ice-cream.  My three of my guests chose a ginger creme brulee which had delicious pieces of ginger in it and one guest described as ‘surprisingly good’. Sadly I didn’t manage to  get photographs as they had started demolishing their deserts before I could take pictures ! Another guest chose Raspberry Panacotta which was served with a warm muffin which was described as being ‘sweet and crisp’ and a rich raspberry sauce. I’m reliably informed that this looked great (though it was half demolished by the time I got back to the table!)

Thank you to Le Meridien for hosting the evening for us and giving us the opportunity to sample some new food.

Here are a few pictures of our food – unfortunately the ambient lighting does not show it off to it’s best.

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