CoffeeCakesAndRunning DayCation at Ritz-Carlton JBR

DayCation at Ritz-Carlton JBR

If you live in Dubai you will have heard of the term StayCation last weekend I indulged in a DayCation at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in JBR  – like the StayCation but without the Stay, the Daycation as the name suggests lasts for the Day.

Unlike a lot of my friends, I’m one of the Dubai Residents who is not escaping Dubai (the sandpit which I lovingly call home) and will be here for the long, hot and humid summer. Whilst you may think that sounds terrible, and yes I would love to breath some fresh non sand filled humid air once in a while, I actually like staying here over the summer, there is plenty to do and although the heat and humidity might seem terrible, there’s always a way to work around it without spending too much money.  The StayCation and DayCation being one of those ways.

I was invited me to indulge in a DayCation last weekend and after a busy week of helping with #FillingTheBlues a DayCation sounded just perfect.

I ‘checked in’ at ten and spent the day lounging by the pool in a shaded cabana with nothing more to do than check my Instagram to peek on what everyone else was doing and of course to tease about what I was doing, as well as dip in and out of the pool about once every 30 minutes or so.  All of this interspersed with catching up with the gossip with a friend (mainly Tinder related) putting the world to rights and solving World Peace issues with a friend, ok I may exaggerate a bit, but you get the idea – chill, relax, chat and repeat.

We choose to lounge next to the adults only pool which is conveniently situated in front of La Baie Lounge and were able to pop back in from time to time for great coffee, a lovely lunch (one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time), as well as some chilled drinks in the afternoon. Set back from the main Walk of JBR I was pleasantly surprised at how peaceful and green the hotel is – plenty of greenery and plants meant that we could lie by the pool and hear the sounds of birds chirping whilst looking at the JBR skyline just behind us.  Guests have access to the beach too which we checked out just before sunset.

After a ‘long day’ at the pool aka ‘the best relaxation I’ve had in a while’ we retired to the spa area to check out the facilities and if I’m honest to quickly jump into the hot plunge pool and relax a bit more, the cold plunge pool was next to the hot one, but on this occasion we choose not to indulge or should I say freeze ! (in my defence we were pushed for time, and really should have checked out the spa facilities earlier as they were great and worth a return visit) – a quick visit to the spa for a shower & change and of course a quick change of nail polish (I’m becoming such a Dubai lady LOL)  and we were whisked off to the Ballroom where we indulged in a Moroccan themed Iftar, outside of Ramadan I envisage we would stay and check out one of the many restaurants at the hotel, Blue Jade being one of my favourite and I suspect La Baie Lounge will be one of my favourites too if not for dining, then for enjoying the terrace and sipping a few cocktails.

If I’ve captured you so far, here’s a few quick videos to show off our day.


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If you want to indulge as we did here’s the information :

There are 4 pools too choose from, plus access to the beach :

  • 1 adult only lap pool – with a swim-up bar (bar is closed due to Ramadan)
  • 1 main meandering pool for families
  • 1 shaded kids’ pool next to the main pool
  • 1 adult only lap pool located on the 3rd floor.

Residence/Walk-inGuests : Weekdays

  • Adults = AED 200 (275 weekends)
  • Children = AED 125 (175)
  • Family = AED 450* (650)
  • *Family Rate includes 2 adults and 3 children; may be accompanied by a nanny or other domestic worker.

As part of the experience, guests will also be able to enjoy the spa facilities which includes, steam room, relaxation lounges, hot and cold indoor plunge pools and the state-of-the-art fitness center (note to self – I really should have visited the fitness centre on the basis of pleasure/pain reward system I should be doing !)

Ramadan Nights at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Time: From sunset till 9:30 p.m.
Price: AED 175 per adult, including water, Ramadan juices and soft drinks
AED 85 per child (5 -12 years old)
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai Grand Ballroom
Entertainment: Live Arabic Duo
Reservations 04 318 6150, email or

Disclaimer : I was a guest of the hotel, all opinions are my own.