CoffeeCakesAndRunning Culinary Physics or Molecular Magic ?

Culinary Physics or Molecular Magic ?

It’s difficult to find the right words to describe an entertaining evening filled with many “oohs” and “aahs” as an excited crowd of foodies gather around the cooking stations to watch Chef Jeff Ramsey in action at  Umai. Billed as a culinary magician Chef Ramsey produced a mixture of Science, Theatre and Cooking brought together in one evening as we previewed some of  the dishes featured in a 25 course degustation menu of molecular tapas dishes. 

Mesmerised by the processes and techniques used (think liquid nitrogen, syringes, dry ice etc) we were both entertained and intrigued as Chef Ramsey, who calls himself a culinary engineer, produced some unusual and tasty dishes.

Billed simply as Meat and Potatoes I loved the flavour and texture combination of lightly Seared Sliced Wagyu Strip served with a rich and indulgent Black Truffled Potato Espuma (mashed potato made light and airy as air is pumped into it in a syphon bottle).  The combination of the thin slices of beef wrapped around a choix pastry shell full with soft and creamy potato was a winner for me and this was my favourite dish which I wanted to eat again and again.

Later in the evening we were mesmerised by the use of liquid nitrogen to produce a clever combination of a delicate crispy outer caramel shell encasing an intense, rich and indulgent corn mousse in a dish simply named Caramel Corn

My favourite dessert of the evening was called Truffle, Truffle – a hand produced truffle consisting 70% dark chocolate and black truffle ganache in a black bread shell.  Fairly unassuming to look at it delivered an explosion of crunchiness when you bit into it followed by a rich intense and extremely indulgent dark chocolate truffle which coated your tongue and left you wanting more, and this is from a non dark chocolate eating foodie.

The final treat of the evening involved a trick of the senses as we were given a plate consisting lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange wedges along with a small red berry.  Told simply to eat the berry first, we then tucked into the  citrus fruit all of which now tasted sweet so much so that we were able to happily suck on lemon and lime slices and enjoy them as if we were eating the sweetest of fruits.  Desribed as the ‘miracle fruit’ this little berry causes sour fruits to taste sweet by blocking the sour taste receptors and activating the sweet receptors with nature showing us that it can play tricks too.

It would be remiss of me to end a post without saying a special thanks to the innovative team from the Lounge Bar at the Oberoi who treated us to some molecular cocktails and well as a whole host of other cocktails for us to sample too. 



The 25 course degustation menu in Umai starts from AED 350 per person and is being showcased during Ramsey’s trip to Dubai between 1st – 8th November at The Oberoi. Chef Ramsey will also be the guest star at the TapasBrunch at Nine7One restaurant on Friday 1 November and Friday 8 November.  Prices start from AED 270 per person including soft drinks.  Bubbly packages also available Spaces are limited, so you need to act quickly if you want to see Chef Jeff Ramsey. For reservations or more information call +971 4 4441444