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How to Win competitions and it’s not #WishToWin

Follow any of your social media channels and there’s a ton of opportunity to win stuff (from meals, hotel stays and holidays) and lovely experiences (from tickets, tasters, etc)  Like, share, comment, tend to be the three most typical types of competitions that are run on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that in terms of a quick marketing concept based on spreading the word about a product or event, getting people to do something to help spread the word and rewarding some of those people with the prize. It’s quick, it’s easy and can be effective.

It’s exciting to win free stuff, and as the tempting offer is delivered right to your phone or laptop, why wouldn’t you want to enter and try and win something, easy right ?

If you enter these sorts of Like | Share | Comment competitions, here’s a few things that you are probably doing that won’t help you win (or gain any favours) :

  • Sending DM’s to say how much you would love to win competitions – it’s not appropriate and won’t increase your chances to win unless the rules say please DM us with reasons why you should win
  • Using #WishToWin tag, it’s probably not going to help you win and somehow my mind (and other bloggers I’ve spoken to)  translate this to #desperate
  • Constantly telling the organiser how many times you have shared the competition in the hope of improving your odds to win – if they are running the competition fairly,  they know if you have, they are tracking responses.  Often it’s not the amount of times that count, but the fact that you have shared a competition (once) that counts.
  • Appearing over desperate to win – frankly it doesn’t help your case
  • DM’s after the competition winners are announced saying ‘please give me the prize’ when you were not selected – sorry you were not selected the prize is not allocated for you
  • Messaging and say how disappointed you were at not winning a competition (doesn’t help your case as the winners have already been selected) and please no crying face emotions !
  • Asking for a bigger prize than the one on offer when you have been selected – the prize is for a certain thing, not to be expanded depending on who wins  – so if the prize is for 2 of something, you won’t be allocated 3 because you need 3.
  • Entering competitions when you don’t want the prize – there’s nothing worse than selecting a winner and then them messaging saying they don’t want the prize, aren’t free on the night of the event etc – please only enter things that are relevant

Tips to win more competitions

Most competition winners from this type of competition are selected at random sometimes by names in a hat, or every 10th entry etc, or more often than not by a computer program which doesn’t care how many times you have typed #WishToWin #PleasePickMe  or sent DM’s

The computer program simply runs a programme that checks entries against the RULES of the competition.

So if the rules say LIKE and USE the HASHTAGS #Whatevertheyare – ONLY if you LIKE AND use #Whatevertheyare can you be in the pool of people to be selected as potential winners.

  •  If you just LIKE you won’t be considered
  • If you just use the hashtag but didn’t LIKE you won’t be considered.
  • If you LIKE but spelt the hashtag wrong you won’t be considered.

You have to meet all the rules of the competition to be in with a chance to win.
So for instance 20,000 people might have entered the competition but only 4,500 followed ALL the rules so only 4,500 people are eligible to be selected. Then there 10 prizes so the computer programme will select 10 random names from the 4,500 entries not 20,000 which is the total number of people who entered.



Good Luck x 

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