CoffeeCakesAndRunning Chef ~ mixing food & social media ~ a recipe for success?

Chef ~ mixing food & social media ~ a recipe for success?

On the Menu Today : A brief review of Chef – being served in a cinema near you

When Miami-born workaholic chef Carl Casper is fired from the restaurant in Los Angeles whose kitchen he manages,he returns to Miami and ends up fixing up a food truck he names El Jefe, which serves Cubanos, a form of Cuban sandwich.  He plans to drive the food truck across the country back to L.A  (source Wikipedia)


This is a movie which is for everyone who loves a good story, loves their food and loves some the family angle of all of these things being blended together.


Ingredients for a good foodie movie:

  • 1 passionate chef with, a single dad & a good guy
  • 1 food critic/blogger with an awesome reputation
  • 1 Restaurant Owner who knows what he wants
  • A cute son
  • A hot ex wife and her ex husband
  • A host of sous chefs and kitchen staff
  • A loving girlfriend
  • Lots of foodies

Method :  Basic Recipe

  1. Put all of the ingredients into a restaurant in LA
  2. Gently blend the ingredients together making sure the passionate chef is shown to be a chef, a dad, an educated food shopper, and the ex-husband.
  3. Throughout the ingredients weave a story about food being cooked, food being reviewed, the reaction to the review and action being taken as a result of the review.
  4. Don’t forget to add in a family element, some interaction with dad and mom, mom and son and dad and son
  5. Add some educational foodie scenes about quality of ingredients and make sure there are some shots of good food being prepared or sizzling in a pan within shot.
  6. A few gratuitous shots of bacon and huge cuts of beef help a lot here too.
  • NOTES : This makes a general food movie with the usual components of food, family & cooking being expertly paired together.
  • For a more complex movie (dish) then weave a social media sauce throughout the ingredients as follows :

Social Media Sauce

Ingredients :

  • A whole lot of twitter
  • A hint of Facebook
  • A glimpse of Vine and Geotag
  • A few well placed has tags and a liberal sprinkling throughout of ReTweets and the odd curse
  • and finally throw in a selfie or two and a 1 second a day movie

Method : Weave all of this throughout the story, with a few gratuitous shots of iPhones/smartphones and some clever visuals with a little blue bird tweeting away

I’m not going to ruin the movie for you, but needless to say I loved it.  The perfect pairing of dining and social media resonates strongly with me, although I’m not the critic with a huge following, but I do use social media a lot and write up and share my experiences of eating out.  With plenty of things to catch your eye throughout the movie, some cute heart warming scenes, some bubbling pots of cooking which made me feel hungry, it literally left me with ‘food for thought’ on the way in which Social Media and Dining experiences come together and about how food can give people so much pleasure.

Enjoy, I should I say Bon Appetit