Puppy Love

After much thought, research & deliberation I’ve decided to get a puppy.  I know the breed I want, and am now researching how to get a puppy here in Dubai.  I would love to adopt, but so far I’ve had no luck and so over the weekend I took to the internet to try and figure out how to find a puppy here.

Whilst doing my research a few friends mentioned that I should watch out for on-line puppy scams as a few of them had been caught out by these before.  So here’s my story …

Free Adoption?

Within ten minutes of starting my on-line research an International site popped up, with a few puppies that I was looking for being offered for free adoption and, they were located in Dubai. Thinking that ‘this is too good to be true’ I sent them a quick email enquiring more.  Within a few hours I had an email reply, essentially asking for me to reply saying how I could be a good adopter and whether I wanted one or both puppies.  I wrote myself a glowing report as a model owner and responded back with my phone number.

The Scam

Within thirty minutes I had a WhatsApp message from the seller saying I could have one of the puppies as I sounded like the idea person.  I asked when I could come and meet the puppy, not an unreasonable request as he had advertised that the puppy was in Dubai.   He replied that the dogs were not in Dubai and that he had just relocated to Cameroon with work unexpectedly at short notice.  He then advised that the puppies were with him in Cameroon.   “No problem he said” just pay 1500/AED and he would fly the puppy to me!  I pretended to be interested and then asked for a current photo, which of course he couldn’t provide telling me to look at the one on-line.  I had – I’d done a reverse image search on the photo earlier and found it on multiple sites dating back as far as January this year, so clearly this guy had been working this little scam for a while! I told the guy I thought it was scam and quickly left the conversation and blocked the number.

The Search Continues

I’m in no rush, so will wait a while and see if any suitable puppies come along either for adoption or purchase locally.  I’ve made contact with K9 Friends and a few other adoption sites here as well as making contact with a group specifically for French Bulldogs which has been helpful.  I’ve done some due diligence on an official route to import a puppy if all else fails. In the meantime, the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it usually is” springs to mind – thanks mum for the timely reminder.   So if you know of anyone with a Frenchie for adoption who is in the UAE, please do shout, in the meantime my search will continue.


If you are looking to adopt or foster a dog in the UAE then please do visit K9 Friends who provide a wealth of information on their website.  There are also a lot of other adoption friendly pages on Facebook.

I did a reverse image search on Small SEO Tools

Have you been caught out by any on-line puppy scams?

Do you know someone who has a Frenchie for adoption please comment below and get in touch, as I said I’m in no rush – am waiting for the right little one to come along.





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