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Brunch | Spectrum On One – Fairmont Dubai

This is part 2 in a 4 part series – a review of 4 very different Foodie Fridays in Dubai.

Brunch at Spectrum On One at The Fairmont (and some behind the scenes kitchen action too)

A fan of their Thursday night Dupper (Dinner and Supper) I was delighted to receive an invite to see some of the preparation that goes on behind the scenes by the team at Spectrum On One to prepare for their weekly Friday brunch.  Dressed in my first set of Chef’s Whites, first stop was the Sushi station where the team were diligently preparing a host of Sushi treats, each one made to meticulously high standards and with care to make it look good as well as to taste great, hand slicing of the sashimi was an art in itself.  Leaving Japan behind I quickly travelled across the restaurant to Pan Asia where I met the Thai chef whose Red curry was fragrant and spicy leaving me smiling as I have a weakness for Thai food and spicy Thai food always hits the spot.

From Asia I travelled to India where I was part of a roti rolling demonstration before singing the hairs off my arm as I learnt how to cook rotis by plunging my arm deep inside an extremely hot tandoor – I am fully of admiration for the chefs who cook at least 200 of these for brunch as it’s extremely hot work.  Departing India I headed to the UK for a host of roasts, salmon and pies before finishing my food brunch tour at the cocktail station where I was tempted to sample a few fruity cocktails and fell in love with the strawberry mojito.

The final part of my behind the scenes tour involved watching the entire team take part in a communal energised drum bashing, clapping and cheering gathering, celebrating the end of brunch preparation and welcoming the first guests to brunch.  If you ever wondered why the guys and girls serving you are so energised, this may give you a clue 🙂 It certainly made me happy.

You can see a preview of this here :

Brunch itself was great, and gave me the opportunity to travel around the globe again virtually, well – in reality a leisurely walk around the restaurant.  This time more slowly, in heels and a dress and without my Chefs Whites.   I had an opportunity to visit some of the other parts of the brunch menu, the seafood selection was fantastic along with an extensive cheese section, a surprise pork section where the ribs were great, and of course finally the dessert section where I finished my meal with some excellent crispy macarons and where I introduced my very Indian friend to the very British traditional pudding of Sticky Toffee Pudding which he adored.  The entire meal was paired with a glass or two (who’s counting) of Moet Champagne.

Brunch continues until 3.30 pm and is a leisurely affair.   The downside of an alcoholic brunch for me being that it fairly much wipes out the rest of the day in terms of activities, so I headed home contented and full but with nothing else on my mind than an evening in front of the TV with a movie (and perhaps a little nap along the way).

Spectrum On One are celebrating their 10th anniversary of brunch this March, I remember coming on holiday ten years back and being wowed by the whole brunch experience in Dubai.  It felt so decadent and was a real family affair for my family since we all got together to holiday in Dubai once a year – back in the day when Dubai ended at the Hard Rock Cafe – the old one with the guitar outside 🙂

PS you can also take some or all of your brunch activities upstairs and outdoors where you can enjoy a BBQ and drinks by the pool.

Disclaimer : I was a guest of Spectrum on One.  All comments, statements and opinions are my own.