CoffeeCakesAndRunning Brunch at Ruth's Chris Steak House

Brunch at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

This weekend, I received an invite to sample the Brunch Menu at Ruth’s Chris steak house which is situated in The Address Hotel, Marina Mall.  I’ve dined at Ruth’s Chris for lunch at the H Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road (formerly the Monarch) and have also been recently for a wine tasting experience with Lime & Tonic, but didn’t realise that brunch was ‘on the menu’ so to speak !

The menu says ‘indulge in an endless choice of sizzling delights and signature Ruth’s Chris specials, accompanied with a fine selection of free-flowing beverages’ and so this is what myself and a few foodies did – after all, we are always up for a tasting challenge 🙂

Everything is ordered from the menu and cooked to order, which makes for a very relaxed brunch, no wandering around having to make ‘tough’ decisions at each cooking stations 🙂  The staff were particularly attentive and friendly and served us promptly but without interrupting the flow of conversation.  Valentino the sommelier is on hand too with cheeky suggestions about what drinks to have or just to engage in some social chit chat.

We started with Stuffed Mushrooms, Seared Ahi Tuna, Calamari, Carpaccio, Voodoo Shrimp and Vittelo Tonnato (thin slices of veal loin). We also sampled some beautiful fresh oysters. My personal favourites are still the stuffed mushrooms, which are stuffed with jumbo lump crab) and the voodoo shrimp which are served in a spicy Sriracha sauce (chilli and garlic Thai sauce).

Moving onto the Soups and Salads we sampled the Louisiana Seafood Gumbo, Steak House Salad, Poached Lobster Salad.  Personally this wasn’t my favourite course though the gumbo was flavourful and spicy (though I was not keen on the rice which was served in the soup dish), the lobster was sweet and the salad was – well, a salad.  But no problem, we just moved right onto our next course and ordered some more dishes to sample.

For Mains we moved onto Filet Oscar Style and Ribeye steak served with Creamed Spinach, Buttery Mashed Potato and pan fried Mushrooms.  Filet Oscar Style is still my favourite dish of all time on the menu here – beautiful sweet tender filet of beef cooked rare (and yes it was cooked rare – sometimes a rare order is translated into medium rare when it’s cooked) served with jumbo lump crab cake with fresh asparagus and topped with Bernaise sauce – this is an exceptional dish which I love.  I’m told the ribeye steak was good too.  The side dishes were simple yet excellently paired with the main courses – the mash was creamy with a hint of melted butter drizzed on the top which is always a pleasing sight to the eyes as well as a tasty treat in the mouth.

With our tummies nearly full, but not completely (we were thinking about you dear readers truly we were !) – we moved onto Desserts and sampled Creme Brulee, Cheese Cake, Apple Crumble and Chocolate Sine Cake.  All are served as petite portions compared to the lunch and dinner menu, but they are still reasonable sized portions.  I loved the creme brulee – it always leaves me wanting more – and as you are able to order endlessly – we did exactly that – like a scene from Oliver ‘please sir can I have some more please’ oooooh ‘and some more again please’ each portion brought to us with a smile on the faces of the staff who were serving us – pleased that we were enjoying our food or maybe just intrigued as to how we were managing to eat so much.

Brunch is served on Fridays at the Marina location from 12.30 pm to 3.30pm – it’s not the cheapest brunch in town, but equally not the most expensive.  Personally I like being able to order off the menu and to sample lots of signature dishes and luckily for me some of my all time favourites are on the menu.  Ranging from 295 AED for a Non-alcoholic beverage brunch, 395 AED for Selection of House wines, beers, spirits and sparking wine or you can pay an additional 175 AED for Moet & Chandon.  You can sit outside on the terrace on indoors where there is live music too.  For a fun, foodie, friendly and relaxed brunch atmosphere, where the service is attentive and the staff make you feel right at home, this is the place to be.

You can find out more about Ruth’s Chris Steak House on their website or on twitter.  Or call them on 9-714-454-9538