CoffeeCakesAndRunning Breakfast or Lunch or both ?

Breakfast or Lunch or both ?

I’m not the greatest of breakfast fans, preferring instead to indulge in a few cups of good coffee before having my first meal of the day late morning.  You might be tutting on reading this, but I’m a fan of eating when you are hungry and not to order to work to a set routine so this works for me, and if you are a fan of intermittent fasting this approach seems to make sense too.

Over the past few months have visited a number of places for a breakfast, early lunch or a combination of the two – I mean brunch in it’s most basic ways, not the huge friday overload, but a meeting of two meals perfectly paired with a side of coffee and timed somewhere between the breakfast and lunch time period.  Here’s a summary of some of my favourite hangouts  which should suit the traditional breakfast or lunch dining requirements  :

Pantry Cafe

Located in Al Wasl Square, this is a great place.  They serve tasty food using quality ingredients using a mix of organic and local produce.  On top of the food, you can browse for many ingredients and products which can make for an expensive trip if you are a bit of a foodie gadget lover like me.  If you visit on a Tuesday they also host Ripe Market pop-up from 9:30 am to 11:30am! It’s a little pricey for a day to day indulgence,  so I reserve this treat for weekends or trips with visitors.  Favourite dish probably the Shakshouka or the Porridge which was a healthy treat although the waffles and french toast are exceptionally good too.  Coffee from Cafes Richard. Free Wifi.

RoseLeaf Cafe

This is a bit of a hidden gem and I’m reluctant to share, but in the spirit of great finds I should.  Situated in the Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, you feel like you’ve left Dubai for a short while as you take a seat surrounded by plants and greenery.  The breakfast prices are particularly reasonable and it’s a regular visit place for me.  Lunch choices change daily, with 3 or specials each day as well as some regular offerings.  Coffee is from Coffee Planet Roastery.  They have free Wifi and it’s a great place to hang out.  I’m often to be spotted sitting in the corner, cup of coffee on the table and peering at my laptop.  Say hi if you spot me.   Rose, is constantly adding new products to the menu, so you never get bored of this delightful menu or venue.

Retro Cafe

Situated in uptown Mirdiff, this is a bit of a drive if you live my end of town but somewhere worth a visit.  The great attraction for me is that the guys really know how to make a good or should I say great coffee.  They have a two award winning barisas, have a coffee bar where you can sit and chat to the baristas as they make a perfect view and there are a ton of coffee gadgets on sale and being used.  Coffee choices include cappucinos made with camel milk along with single origin coffees and some great breakfast and lunch treats.  This is the sort of place where you can hang around all day.  There is an outdoor terrace, a snug area and plenty of comfortable chairs where you can borrow a book from the cafe library or indulge in some coffee talk with the staff.  Free Wifi.

The Farm

If you have the time, and want to escape from the sandy feeling of Dubai, then a drive to The Farm at Al Barari is worth the trip.  Situated just off the Emirates Road (or whatever it’s now called) this is a little oasis in the middle of the desert.  The menus are delivered on an iPad and there is plenty of choice of breakfast items.  Delivering great quality wholesome food which can be tailored to your liking it’s a great place to take guests or just to unwind.  I enjoy visiting when you can sit outside either at formal tables, casual sofas or even beanbags or hammocks – it’s a perfect place to take time out.  I will always be spotted lounging outside with a book.  The prices are a mid range with the waffles being a firm favourite breakfast treat.  Opportunity to buy interesting products and accessories and gadgets.  Coffee is by Raw.

Baker & Spice

Located in Dubai Marina, Dukkan Al Manzil and Souk Al Bahar, my favourite is still the Souq Al Bahar cafe for it’s location overlooking Burj Khalifa which is sure to wow guests as well as to be a treat for an indulgent but good for you breakfast. Passionate about ingredients which are local, organic, fresh and homemade which is reflected in the prices. In the evenings this is a great place to hangout, have dinner and watch the fountains. The menu changes regularly with a recent launch of some new breakfast goodies including Green Shakshouka (made to share) which I fell in love with recently.  On the cooler days I can be found hanging about outside soaking up the sun and taking in the Burj Khalifa views. Baker & Spice used to host the Farmers Market which has now relocated to Emirates Towers, lots of produce available to buy in store to takeaway, I dare you to walk away empty handed.

The Taste Initiative

Located at The Change Initiative (sustainable living) on SZR I’ve been here a few times, it’s a great place to hang out for a coffee, social breakfast, business meeting or just to sit and blog (as I often do).  The staff are friendly, service is efficient and friendly and the prices are fairly reasonable.   The food is all produced in the kitchen from scratch and my usual breakfast choice varies between crumpets with home made jam, peanut butter and lemon curd or the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. Free Wifi and plenty of different seating options to suit your needs.  I’m usually found sipping their infused waters (strawberry and basil is delicious)  and Raw coffee and snuggled on one of the sofas reading or blogging.  They serve breakfast until 2.30 pm on the weekends.  Plenty of fresh produce and organics products both food and non food available to purchase in store too.



When I’ve got an Indian breakfast hankering this is my place to go.  The vegetarian food is served canteen style.  You pay at the till, collect various tickets for your order and then go pick up your food at different counters when it’s made to order for you.  Particular favourites include Ravi Masala Dosa, Masala Chai and Dahi Puri.  I’ve never spent more than 25 AED for breakfast and this is on the steep side as I always over order and end up bringing food home.  No Wifi, this is just canteen style dining and simple good tasting Indian food.  With stores across Dubai you are sure to find one close.  I’m usually sat close to the window taking pictures of my food much to the bemusement of the waiters.  This place is famous for it’s selection of indian sweets too, with a large display of indian sweets on treats available to tempt those with a sweet tooth.

Heat Cafe & Grill

A relative newcomer to the scene, this is a perfect find on the Beach Road near the Burj Al Arab. A healthy version to the classic American Diner, the focus is on Healthy Eating And Treats.  Think protein pancakes, protein shakes or egg based breakfast served alongside Raw Coffee.  Or you could opt for a Skinny Genie healthy muffin with a side of milk or a protein milkshake.  The menu is small at the moment, but new items will be added.  Free Wifi steals the deal, but you might need to get there early as it’s a popular venue particularly on the weekends.  Raw Coffee.

I was particularly interested to hear about how the Heat Cafe started, and an trying to get a meeting with the founders to understand more as I love the concept, but in the meantime here’s an article which makes great reading, I’m going to hunt out the gym and try it too 🙂  : HERE 


If you’ve over indulged, or are just on a bit of a health drive or simply want the convenience of having your food prepared for you, this new comer to the delivered food scene offers tasty meals delivered to your home or office on a daily basis.  Once signed up to a package, you get a delivery of healthy, nutritious food delivered to your door or office.  Consisting of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 snacks.  Whilst not strickly breakfast only (nor are the contenders above), it’s worth a mention as the breakfasts are good, wholesome, low calorie and nutritious.

There are plenty of other places to have breakfast and lunch indeed we are somewhat spoilt for choice, but these are a selection of my top pics based on where I’ve eaten over the past three months.

What’s your favourite breakfast or lunch hangout ?