CoffeeCakesAndRunning Breakfast at Jones the Grocer

Breakfast at Jones the Grocer

I’ve often had dinner at Jones the Grocer, and keep meaning to try out their breakfast menu which always looks great.  After an early morning on the beach with my guests this weekend, we had worked up an appetite and made our way to Jones the Grocer for brunch.  Fortunately the breakfast menu is served until late on the weekend so we were all able to chose something to suit our needs.


I started breakfast off with a Skinny Cappuccino which didn’t disappoint – the foam was thick and creamy and just the right consistency with great tasting coffee.  It was served with a tiny biscotti on the side which was cute.

For breakfast I chose eggs florentine, which came with super runny poached eggs just the way I like it.  Served on a wooden board and with a side of sea salt it was a great breakfast.  My guests chose a tuna and egg sandwich and a mozzarella and tomato sandwich both of which were packed full of filling and looked hearty and I’m told tasted lovely and fresh.

Whilst eating our brunch, we were offered a few samples of the various products on sale – firstly we sampled some delicious creamy goats cheese and then some Easter chocolate.  Whilst trying the cheese I asked if they had a strong cheddar cheese (I’m such a Brit at heart !) and was pleasantly surprised when they brought out 3 different types of cheddar for us to sample.

A second coffee was in order, and this time I tried what I’ve called Science Class Coffee (sorry I didn’t get the name of it) – but if you think back to your science classes (a very long time ago for me) and then think of bunson burners – then you won’t be far wrong.  Essentially the coffee is brewed in a glass dome above hot water and is then filtered through the water using suction rather than filter papers.  We chose a Guatemalan coffee which was lovely and smooth and tasted great without milk which is always a good sign.  The coffee was served with a dark chocolate truffle which tasted great as well as a tasting card telling us more about the coffee which was a lovely touch.

Whilst sipping my coffee my guests took advantage of the shopping opportunities on offer and came back with Cheese, Macaroons and Nougat.  There is plenty to choose from as Jones the Grocer has all types of delicious treats to take away – from bakery products, deli products, coffee, cheese and much much more.

Located on the service road between Al Thanya and Al Manara (on the opposite side to Times Square) – this is a great spot for breakfast through to dinner offering plenty of fresh food choices as well as a perfect little gourmet shopping experience.  I dare you to dine and not buy something to take home with you !!

There was also a blackboard giving details of cookery classes, so maybe I’ll have to treat myself to a cooking class there soon too.

Details about Jones the Grocer can be found here.