CoffeeCakesAndRunning A Beautiful Borneo Sunset enjoyed with a cold beer

A Beautiful Borneo Sunset enjoyed with a cold beer

It was day three of living aboard a boat during a trip to Borneo and we were treated to the most beautiful Borneo Sunset I had seen so far.  The night before there had been a huge thunder and lightning storm and today the air was clear.  The sunset was no doubt a result of the change of air and whilst enjoying a cold Borneo beer we were treated to the Borneo sunset which has remained in my mind as one of the most stunning we have seen. Every hue of orange and red was seen across the sky and in turn this was reflected onto the still lake making the most beautiful reflection.  We had moored up for the evening at a quiet part of the river, we were at the end of a paddy field and early afternoon we had watched the villagers as they worked in the field.  I was thankful that I had brought a bag of gifts for the children as I handed out hair grips and bobbles for the girls and small cars to the boys.  They enjoyed receiving the simple gifts as much as I enjoyed handing them out.

Sunsets like this make you feel alive and thankful. They give you a chance to enjoy simple pleasures. To chink the bottles together as we say “cheers” and celebrate the end of daylight. Later we dine on the deck on fresh river fish which the guys caught earlier and on crabs which we traded some fish for when we moored alongside another boat at lunchtime. Dinner is tasty, fresh and pretty spicy cooked by our onboard chef, who is also our captain and the guy who makes live aboard easy for us. Later, after being virtually eaten alive by mosquitos we retreat inside our mosquito net which is hung above our mattress as the deck turns from dining space to an ‘on deck’ bedroom. Sleep comes easily as we are lulled to sleep with the gentle swaying of the boat as it bobs up and down on the water.


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