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Boot camp at JBR

My guest who is 74 years old and ex-military thinks I’ve gone mad ! Why? Well for the past two Thursdays I’ve set my alarm for 5am and made my way to JBR for a 6am Bootcamp session. Nothing wrong with that you may think – but the bit he finds funny is that I pay to be drilled in the kind of exercise routine he had to do as part of military life and he got paid to do his !! Every time I leave the house for bootcamp he sits here chuckling at me !!

Anyway, I’m not mad just always looking for up a challenge and a new way of exercising!   I’ve been tempted to do boot camp for a while, but never quite got around to doing anything about it, so was pleased to receive an invite from a Twitter pal who invited me to attend a session for the boot camp she is currently attending 3 x per week.  I’ve been to two boot camps since the invite and here’s a summary of those two sessions (I may have omitted a detail or two, but believe you me – when you are participating in boot camp there is no time to get out your iPhone and make a few notes!!)

Firstly I was surprised how many people were at JBR at 6am doing boot camp last week, quite honestly, who knew there were two six o’clocks in the day !! Anyway,  the majority of people were with the larger fitness companies which seemed to have about 20 or so members. But I was joining a small group which consisted of 3 guys, 1 other lady and Grant the trainer.

Each boot camp session is different and that’s the attraction in many ways as you never quite know what to expect.

Typically the session starts with some warm up running in the car park (dodging the odd vehicle or two) and is then followed by intervals including some of the following:

    • Sit ups
    • Burpees (I hate these with a vengence !)
    • Pushups – think bruised knees!
    • Skipping rope – think back to your school days for this!
    • TRX exercises
    • Lunges,
    • Squats,
    • ViPR exercises – swinging it, lifting it, carrying it, doing sit ups holding it, running with it (it’s like playing with a heavy toddler!)
    • Reverse curls
    • Bridges with leg circles (kills – but oh how those glutes will look!)
    • Planks and side planks
    • Star jumps
    • Mountain climber etc

All of this is generally done in the car park with some funky dance music accompanying the workout and with Grant telling you what to do next with minimal recovery time.  You either do X amount of each exercise before moving onto the next or a set period of timed intervals before moving on again with minimal or no recovery time in between each set.

Last week we finished up the session with a run along the length of the car park and back carrying a VipR which is not as easy as it sounds. This week we did a lap of the stand built for the a Redbull event which meant a lot of running in soft sand followed by a run across the car park up the stairs to the plaza, along the plaza and back to the beach (apologies if you were sat having breakfast as a sweaty breathless me ran past!!).

The session finishes up with some stretching as part of a cool down routine.

Would I do this again ? Yes it a good workout which keeps you challenged and your heart rate up. In terms of satisfaction, whilst the 5am alarm is not pleasant (I even found myself turning down an alcoholic drink the evening before due to my training plans!), there is a great deal of satisfaction finishing the session at 7am with your exercise done and out of the way. If you follow me on twitter you can always tell how euphoric I am afterwards by the tone of my tweets!

As you are in a reasonably small class you get a high level of attention from Grant in terms of technique and encouragement which is good – conversely there’s not much opportunity to slack off as he’s always watching you too !!

Sweat factor – this is an outdoor class so the sweat factor is high!  – currently its 85F (30C) at the start of class so am sure it will get hotter and stickier yet!!  It’s definitely a class where you need to keep hydrated and take a towel.

Calorie burn – I estimate about 500 cals plus – but each time I’ve forgotten to start my HR monitor at the start of class so the count could be higher.

Grant can be contacted here : Goes Fitness