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I was fortunately enough to receive an invite to attend the opening of Bloomsbury’s which opened yesterday in Dubai Mall.  Bloomsburys are famous for their beautiful cupcakes, and started out in Abu Dhabi and have now expanded to Dubai.

The shop is located on the ground floor of the Mall close to Wafi Gourmet and is beautifully decorated throughout, although I couldn’t really get any shots of the interior as the opening was quite busy.

Each table was laid up for afternoon tea with a three tier cake stand consisting of a selection of vegetarian and non vegetarian filled breads.  The second tier contained two cupcakes and four scones with jam and cream and the final tier contained white and dark chocolate brownies, mini meringues and madelines.

I’m not sure if this is a typical afternoon tea selection or whether this was especially for the opening event, at a first glance the portion sizes did seem very big, particularly for the savoury plate.  As I had plans to eat out in the evening I only sampled some of the lovely cupcakes available at Bloomsburys so will have to return another day to sample the afternoon tea.

There are a vast selection of cupcakes available in Bloomsburys, they have over 30 different flavours to try including cupcakes suitable for Vegans (Vegan Chocolate Cupcake), Gluten Free (Flourless Chocolate Sponge) and Diabetic (Carrot Cake with a GI of 53).   As well as cupcakes there are also the giant cup cakes suitable for Birthdays or Celebrations.

Spoiled for choice, my dining companion (who I met at the event) and I sampled two cupcakes.

The first one we sampled was chosen out of curiosity because of it’s unusual looks.  This was took us to discovering the Key Lime Pie cupcake which is a vanilla sponge cake with meringue on top.  Hidden within the center of the cupcake was an unexpected find – Lime Curd.

I loved this, it wasn’t too sweet and the meringue on the top was a hit as well the tart lime curd hidden in the centre.

The second cupcake we sampled was the Date cupcake called A Date To Remember which had been highly recommended by a fellow foodie from twitter who had sampled it earlier.  This one consisted of a sticky date sponge filled with caramel and then topped with cream cheese.

This was great too, it wasn’t too sweet and the sponge was beautiful and moist.

There were two other cupcakes on the table, which sadly I didn’t get to try but which looked great these were :


A rich Chocolate Sponge filled with Dulce de Leche and topped with an irresistible Peanut Butter Buttercream.

I HAVE to go back for this one as Peanut Butter is one of my absolute favourites.

A Cupcake for all Chocolate Lovers. A rich Chocolate sponge topped with a heavenly Chocolate Fudge icing.

Looks suitably rich and indulgent for chocolate lovers.

After some serious cupcake sampling, we the store was officially opened by Shafeena Yusuff Ali and the worlds most expensive edible cupcake the Golden Phoenix was unveiled.

The Golden Pheonix looked stunning and from the very few lucky people who got to taste it they said it was beautifully rich.

The Golden Phoenix costs 3700/AED.

It comprises cocoa (Amedei Porcelana, one of the world’s most expensive and delicious chocolates), organic flour, butter & eggs, Ugandan gold vanilla beans & organic strawberries.  With a liberal coating of gold leaf & dusted with gold dust it takes 2 days to make.

If you want to see how the Golden Phoenix is made then take a look at the Facebook page as there is an interesting video clip (from where I took a few of these pictures from as I was unable to get too close to the cupcake before it was tasted).

Further details about Bloomsburys can be found on their website and also on Facebook.  You can also follow them on Twitter.

Enjoy 🙂