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About Me

Food & Drink, Travel & Coffee – with a slice of expat life on the side.


I started CoffeeCakesAndRunning back in 2011, way before it became a trendy thing to do

Typically I write about

Food & Drink

From attending cooking classes, dining out or cooking at home. I don’t discriminate! Healthy & indulgent are covered.


Both in the UAE and further afield. I love traveling, from adventure to luxury or somewhere in between, it’s all about the experience.


Where to find Speciality Coffee in Dubai with a helpful Speciality Coffee Map, through to coffee recipes and learning how to pour the perfect latte.

Dubai & Expat Life 

Covering items such Expat Tips and Guides, Exercise and being Healthy as well as My Dubai section covering some of my favorite experiences in Dubai, be it celebrating Ramadan and Fasting, or helping with FillingThe Blues, and occasionally the odd trip to the salon for hair or nails.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning About Me

SOME FAQ’s About Me

How did I start Blogging?

I started my blog in 2011 in a very unplanned way. Whilst recovering from major surgery and being bored of being housebound and awake at add hours of the night, often in significant pain, I decided to learn a new skill as a way of keeping busy and distracting myself from my recovery.

I would describe myself as “An accidental blogger and passionate foodie”

Why CoffeeCakesAndRunning?

I struggled to think what to name my blog if I’m honest! At the time, I had been reading quite a few different blogs, mainly in the US, and decided on the blog name based on some of my passions and dreams at the time.

Coffee + Cakes + Running

Ta da! The blog was born! Today it stands for a few more things:

Coffee & Cakes translates to Food and Drink

Running – translates to everything I do (except running!) I’m literally always in a rush! I also say that I am always fueled by Specialty Coffee

When I started the blog back in 2011 I was into getting fit and running (I did two half marathons but in all honesty never really felt the love for running that others do).

Finally – a few things hardly anyone knows about me…. Back in the UK many moons ago … I used to play saxaphone in a Jazz Band and was an avid caver spending half of my spare time below ground in a wet suit! #BackInTheDay

CoffeeCakesAndRunning About Me


FoodeMag dxb

In addition to writing here, I am also Editor and Business Head for Food e Mag dxb, please click on the link to find out more.

FoodeMag dxb is a commercial magazine and is registered as a free zone Company in Dubai, whilst CoffeeCakesAndRunning is very much a personal website.

Work with me over at FoodeMag dxb

Have something which is related to Food, Travel or Wellness, then do get in touch for Editorial considerations for FoodeMag dxb by contacting me

CoffeeCakesAndRunning About Me

The Small Print

On Content

  • I write in my own style based on my personal experience.
  • I do not rehash press releases into content.
  • All images are taken by me and are my property, please don’t reuse them without my express permission.*I may occasionally use free to use stock images for generic content.
  • When I am provided with a complimentary food and/or drink or receive a press invite to attend a particular event I will highlight this in the post.
  • My reviews are based on my honest opinion and personal experience based on the day that I visited an establishment


  • I am not a fitness/nutrition/diet expert so please take advice if you are considering taking up exercise etc.
  • I do not accept invites on the basis of providing reviews on review sites eg Trip Advisor, Zomato etc
  • I do not endorse products unless I actually use them myself regularly.
  • Everyone of us, has a different perception of taste, flavour, value for money, favourite food and view on what is good/bad service etc. I try very hard to portray my experienceand to give an accurate view based on my experience at the time of my visit but you must appreciate this is based on my opinions and expectations which may be different than yours.
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