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Started in 2011 as a hobby, whilst recovering from surgery, CoffeeCakesAndRunning is designed, developed and written by Debbie Rogers.  I’m a British Expat living in Dubai with a passion for Food, Drink and Travel.  I’m often found in the kitchen or restaurant, behind a camera or hunched over my laptop ~ always fueled by Specialty Coffee.

I’m very much a ‘an accidental blogger and passionate foodie’ here on this website writing about things that I find interesting.  I’m also Editor at FoodeMag dxb which is my professional and commercial foray into the world of blogging via Dubai’s finest e-magazine all about Food, Travel & Wellbeing. 

Things you don’t know about me : I adore traveling and adventure and would love to do the Trans Siberian railway and oh, so much more, I want to find the best Mille Feuille ever and learn to pour some perfect latte art one day.


Behind the Title

How did I get the site name CoffeeCakesAndRunning? Hmm when I first started blogging, some four years ago now, my website was about some of my passions at the time. Now, Coffee & Cakes translates more roughly to cover Food and Drink.  As for Running – err, well, not anymore, but when I started the blog I was into getting fit and running as I was training for a half marathon. In a more general sense I now write about Food, Travel & Coffee ~ with a slice of life on the side.

Food & Drink – from dining out to cooking at home – healthy & indulgent are covered here.

Travel – both in the UAE and further afield. I love travelling, from adventure to luxury or somewhere in between, it’s all about the experience.  I love to take daycations, staycations, and especially vacations!

Coffee – Speciality Coffee is a particular passion. I write about where to find Speciality Coffee in Dubai with a helpful Speciality Coffee Map, through to coffee recipes and learning how to pour the perfect latte.

Whilst the focus of the blog is described above, I also write about Expat Life! More specifically I cover a few Expat Tips and being Healthy.

My Dubai section covers some of my favorite experiences in Dubai, be it celebrating Ramadan and Fasting, or helping with FillingThe Blues, and occasionally the odd trip to the salon for hair or nails or a massage etc. I occasionally I write a ‘from the heart’ posts or tips about blogging sharing a few tips that I’ve learnt along the way.


The majority of my readers are in Dubai and the UAE then Europe and the US but my blog reaches across the world too.

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Find me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and please do feel free to contact me, I love to hear from you.  I’m also on Snapchat as CoffeeCakesRun.


I’m not a professional photographer, but try to showcase the food and drink that I eat and drink as best as I can using my Nikon 3200 and Sony A6000. Other images are taken with a Samsung Galaxy S6


I’m passionate about coffee and am a real coffee lover, always on the hunt for Specialty Coffee and an avid supporter of Specialty Coffee Shops & Roasters. I’m always hunting out new coffee beans and coffee gadgets to grind and brew at home too.


  • I create my own content (including photo’s) based on my personal experiences and always write in my own style.
  • Writing with integrity and authenticity is one of my key values.
  • I do not write about anything that I have not personally experienced and therefore I do not rehash press releases into content.
  • I do not endorse products unless I actually use them myself regularly.
  • I never accept anything (gifts, products, meals etc) where I am required to write a positive post of my experience regardless of my actual experience – I do accept invites where I have full editorial control over the content.
  • I don’t publish pre-written content to promote a product and/or service
  • My reviews/posts are based on my opinions and my personal experience on the day when I visited an establishment.


Invites etc …

I am happy to receive invites for press, media events, etc but am unable to accept the majority of those that I receive.
The invites that I do accept tend to be those that are closely aligned to the sorts of things that I write about on my blog (see left) or that have a particular interest perhaps they are really exclusive, unusual or niche or just something that I think my readers would like to hear about. Sometimes, it’s just a case of it being something that I would like to personally experience even if it’s not that closely aligned to the site – however please note that I’m unlikely to attend Wedding Events, Fashion Shows and Launches or Mother & Baby events.
Any invites accepted are always on the basis that I will provide coverage in a way that I think is suitable – this might be a blog post or could just be social media coverage. To an extent it depends on the type of invite/event and my personal time available to write and process photos.
To avoid confusion ~ If you require a specific level of coverage attached to, or as a condition of the invite acceptance, then please let me know about this at the time of issuing the invite.

FoodeMag dxb

In addition to writing here, I am also Editor and Business Head for an on-line magazine : FoodeMag dxb, please click on the link to find out more. FoodeMag dxb is a commercial magazine and is registered as a free zone Company in Dubai, whilst CoffeeCakesAndRunning is very much a personal website.

FoodeMag dxb

Work with me or FoodeMag dxb

Want to know more and perhaps work with CoffeeCakesAndRunning, then please do drop me a line and get in touch.  I am happy to explore brand collaborations where there is a close fit with my blog. There are also opportunities for banners and sponsored posts too. Have something that’s bigger than CoffeeCakesAndRunning, which is related to Food or Travel? then do get in touch for Editorial considerations for FoodeMag dxb.

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  • Please note : Everyone of us, has a different perception of taste, flavour, value for money, favourite food and view on what is good/bad service etc – this is very subjective.  I share my experience and give my view based on my experience at the time of my visit – but you must appreciate this is based on my opinions and expectations which may be different than yours.
  • I am not a fitness/nutrition/diet expert so please take advice if you are considering taking up exercise etc.
  • All opinions in this blog are my own.
  • All images (unless mentioned otherwise) are taken by me and are my property, please don’t reuse them without my express permission.


Whilst there are currently no disclosure requirements in the UAE : If I work as a brand ambassador or am paid to create content for a sponsored post etc, I will ensure that this is stated at the beginning of my post to be transparent.

When I am provided with a complimentary food and/or drink or receive a press invite to attend a particular event I will elude to that in the post.