The adventures of a British expat living in Dubai. Always fueled by Specialty Coffee.

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Debbie Rogers

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Debbie Rogers

I’m a British expat living in Dubai with a passion for food & drink,  travel and adventure and specialty coffee. I’m as happy eating street food, or cooking barefoot in the kitchen as I am eating five star plus food. I’m equally  happy sleeping in a hammock on the beach, or on a train, as I am in a luxury hotel or retreat!  I’ve lived in Dubai since 2008 and have been blogging since 2011 – way before blogging became sexy!

I’m often found behind a camera or laptop, chatting to a chef or barista or tucking into some good food.  

Occasionally, you’ll find me in the gym too!  

Always fueled by Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee

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Always fueled by Specialty Coffee