CoffeeCakesAndRunning 2015 in Review

2015 in Review

As 2015 draws to an end it seems an apt time to look back at the year and to celebrate some of the successes of the year.

Top Posts Overall :

My top three posts this year in terms of readership numbers focus on Coffee with my article Independent Coffee Shops highlighting some of the best independent coffee shops, this post is quite dated now and a new post focussing on Speciality Coffee shops will be released in early January as the coffee scene in Dubai has really taken off over the last year or so.  Second most read post is one that I dashed off from the heart called “I don’t want you to come to Dubai…” from the heart posts as usually ones that get good readership and tend to be the posts that I can write quickly because the subject is something close to my heart, in this instance the place I call home Dubai, of course I do want you come to Dubai despite the controversial header, I want you to come and see it all from seven star to no star and beyond.  Finally, a post where I tried out one of Gok Wan’s recipes for Twice cooked pork is always a popular read and a dish that I make often, although to be honest I don’t always go for the twice cooked option preferring to just cook the dish ‘low and slow’ at a low temperature for a long time.


From a travel perspective my top posts focus on Kilimanjaro, Thailand and the Philippines with all of the posts getting similar numbers of readership and all of these locations being close to my heart whether it be for the adventure and challenge of Kilimanjaro or the adventure, exploration, hidden gems and darn good street food and beaches for Thailand and the Philippines.


My best searched post was Independent Coffee Shops followed by I don’t want you to come to Dubai and then a Ramadan project close to my heart Filling the Blues where local start ups and residents come together during the month of Ramadan to distribute food to some of Dubai’s unsung heros, the many men in blue who work on our construction sites building Dubai literally from the foundations up.

Food and drink

Too many places to write about, but posts about 5 star experiences are just as popular as street food, as are my recipes which cover family favourites through to recipes from both here in Dubai and on my travels.

As you would expect the readership numbers vary depending on the season, people like reading about outdoor experiences during Dubai’s winter and the cooler spring months and indoor experiences when it gets hotter outside.

My readers are from the UAE, The UK and the US so have a healthy interest on the overall food scene here in Dubai from Cupcakes and coffee to menus created by celebrity chefs with Michelin star credentials.

Health and Fitness

Popular posts that have stood the test of time have been those covering my various battles and challenges with weight and fitness, which continue today as well as an article I wrote on Wearing sunscreen (or not) as a way of dealing with skin cancer and how we battle to keep our vitamin D levels high.  With a case of malignant melanoma being diagnosed to someone close you can perhaps expect to hear more about this important health issue at some stage next year.

On Blogging

I’ve written a few posts about the challenges of blogging through the year including a post about Should you buy follows and likes which has caused some debate and some unfollows, hey that’s life not everyone will like what I write or the choices I make, but I will always be honest in how I write and be authentic to myself because that’s important to me.


It would be remiss of me not to mention the other big project of the year, as well as writing on this blog which is very much my personal space, I’m also Travel and Features Editor for FoodeMagdxb an e magazine about food and travel. You can read more about the magazine here, we have some huge and exciting plans for the magazine for 2016 for our readers and contributors so do keep an eye out for what we have planned and how you can get involved!

What’s in Store for CoffeeCakesAndRunning in 2016

The website will be fully upgraded and redesigned so it’s easier to read and search. I’m going to try to learn some more about the dreaded SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that more people can find my blog through Google Search and I’m going to focus on developing my photography skills as I want to do justice to match the beautiful things I get to experience as a result of this blog and because I love exploring and finding new things. 

There’s plenty of stuff whirring around in my head about what I want to do, a few new business projects might kick off shortly and there’s definitely a blog collaboration project which I’ll be writing about soon, but for now I don’t want to over complicate things by making promises that I may not keep, instead I prefer to say ‘watch this space‘ or ‘read this blog’ as 2016 will surely be a great year.

Before I sign off, I’ve had a fab 2015 – with some fantastic highs and some amazing experiences ! I’ve met some amazing people, travelled to some beautiful places, eaten and drunk to my hearts content, trained until I injured myself, had a few lows and some financial challenges and a ton of other stuff too, some of which I’ve shared on the blog and some of which remain personal but all of which have helped shape me, guide me and make me stronger, wiser and drink a ton of coffee !!  

Finally Have a Happy New Year wherever you are and I look forward to sharing 2016 with you as the year evolves.

With much love and a healthy sprinkling of Coffee, Cakes and …errr Running


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