CoffeeCakesAndRunning 12WBT - Pre - Season Work Starts Today

12WBT – Pre – Season Work Starts Today

I signed up for the 12 week Body Transformation Program after getting a recommendation from a personal trainer who I have been running with. Michelle Bridges is the female trainer on the Australian version of Biggest Loser – and she does a great job.

The programme is a 12 week programme focusing on fitness, nutrition and the mind (see for more info.

Before you start the programme you commit to 4 weeks of pre-season tasks – there are 8 in total.

Today is Day 1 of the pre-season task – not too onerous – I’ve written an introduction to myself and posted it, commented on a few other introductory posts made by other people signing up to season 1 and watched a really awesome video by Michelle about what’s coming up.

I’m excited to be doing the challenge, a little apprehensive about what’s coming up – but mostly really fired up to make some serious changes to my body composition.

In addition to the pre-season work, I started a post a few weeks ago to meet other #12WBT who were in Dubai and so far have found 8 other ladies through the site as well as a further 9 on a Facebook page and 2 through Twitter.  The power of the internet is amazing.  I am confident that all 3 mediums will help everyone provide support and guidance through the next 16 weeks and beyond.

No doubt, we will meet up for coffee (and maybe cakes) along our journey too !!!