CoffeeCakesAndRunning 12WBT Fitness Test & Meetup

12WBT Fitness Test & Meetup

Yesterday was the final day of prep for the 12WBT and I achieved two major things.

Firstly I did my fitness test (more of that in a minute) and secondly I met 3 fellow 12WBT ladies who live here in Dubai.  There were a few other ladies who were unable to attend yesterday, but I am sure we will all meet up again soon.  From a quick count it looks like there might be about 15 of us doing the programme that I am aware of.


Meeting fellow 12WBT ladies is a really important part of the challenge for me.  The 12WBT site and forum is great – there is plenty of support, information etc – but it’s virtual.  Physically meeting the ladies made the challenge feel more real to me.  It allowed us to chat about how we can focus on the programme in real life, we talked about where we can get shopping supplies (given the ‘feast or famine’ approach of some of the supermarkets in terms of supply & demand here in Dubai !), we talked out our shared goals, about our excitement and apprehension about doing the programme, about our fitness levels and body image and tons of other non challenge relate stuff too (I understood most of it – but boy do you Aussie ladies have some slang that I just don’t get !!)  – but most importantly – we talked !

We started the morning as individuals doing the challenge, and left with a feeling of being part of #12WBTTeamDubai * We even agreed to do our next fitness test together as a group rather than individuals – and I’m sure we will all find that really motivating.


My second achievement of the day is that I completed the Fitness Test. The Fitness Test comprises of a number of activities which you complete and then use the results of this to help you choose what level of the programme you want to follow.

Basically you get to do 5 things which you measure at 4 weekly intervals, my results are below in the square brackets  :

  1. No of pushups you can do in a minute [47 knee pushups – yup more bruises – I really must do more full pressups !]
  2. Abdominal Strength – you get 5 different types of situps to try each one gets harder on the abs [Level 5 – the hardest]
  3. Wall sit – how long you can hold a squat position against the wall [2 mins 18 seconds]
  4. Sit Reach – measures flexibility [+2 inches]
  5. Timed 1k run [6 mins 04 seconds]

With the exception of the timed run, all of my results are in the Advanced category – my run was Intermediate and I’ll have to knock 35 seconds off to get to Advanced for that one (slightly worried about that as I almost threw up at the end of my 1k time test yesterday – with hindsight 11am training on the hottest day of the year so far was not a good idea, neither was only fueling up with water whilst measuring the 1k route clever either !!).  Anyway, there’s scope for improvement on the running – and looking on the bright side – the gardeners were entertained too !

On another positive note, I’ve still not as yet bothered managed to read the instruction manual for my new Garmin watch – but I did get it working enough to use for the 1k time trial – I even managed to get to set a pace time for my virtual running partner (a feature on the watch – don’t worry I’ve not gone mad yet !) – who beat me – but only by a few seconds !! CoffeeCakesAndRunning 12WBT Fitness Test & Meetup


I’ve chosen to do the Advanced Lean & Fit programme for the next 12 weeks which means that I have to commit to 6 exercise sessions a week.  In order to keep challenging myself during this time I aim to do a mixture of indoor and outdoor training plus classes and the gym – and also to try some new classes and I’ll blog about these as I do them.  My next post will be about Sh’Bam which I did this morning – I’ll give you a clue – I LOVED it !!

  • #12WBTTeamDubai is a twitter hashtag I’m going to use to refer to the activities we do as part of the 12WBT.
  1. Hi, I was wondering if you had any opinions on doing this 12wbt abroad, I mean, outside of Australia. I'm situated in Denmark, and I'm afraid that it might be a disadvantage due to e.g meal plans etc. Thanks!
  2. Hi, sorry for the delay. The plan was not too difficult to do outside of Australia as I found I was able to substitute a lot of things for similar products in the UAE, it just takes a bit of imagination. Most of the products are fresh produce which is easy to source. Good Luck

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