CoffeeCakesAndRunning 10k Race Recap

So here goes :

If you watched the Dubai Marathon and 10k race yesterday, in person, or on TV or saw any pictures – there’s a possibility you may have seen me – aka BettyBooDubai running/walking or just plain moving her body around the 10k part of the race !

Having entered sometime last year with forever to plan and train – all of a sudden my race pack was ready to be collected !  Was I ready ? No, I didn’t quite following my training plan as planned – in fact I failed quite miserably – BUT – I had entered, tweeted that I was going to do it & had done some training – so there you go it – ready or not – time to run !

CoffeeCakesAndRunning 10k Race Recap Not having an idea how good/bad the roads would be at the new Downtown venue (sorry RTA – but you never know…. ) I set off from the appt at the lovely hour of 4.30 am (yes – amazing – there are two 4.30’s in a day – who knew?). Anyway I found a parking space next to the Metro Station, and then finding that no-one else was up that early – had a nice nap in the car for an hour or so until it was time to walk to the start line.  I also took the opportunity to fuel up on a oat and apple muffin, coffee and water (my pre-race carb fuelling consisted of a glass of wine, strawberries & cream consumed in the bath the night before !).

CoffeeCakesAndRunning 10k Race Recap After the customary 15-20 minute wait for the bathroom I could delay no more and slowly started removing the multiple layers of hoodies which were attempting – but failing – to keep me warm !

I also had opportunity to take in the beautiful view of the Burj Khalifa as the sun rises – what a stunning backdrop to the race.

Anyway, I found the start line and then moved back towards the back of the pack – my preferred starting position.  Ten minutes or so after the start, my part of the pack finally got to run and with frantic pushing on my heart-rate monitor, Sportstracker and Music app on my iPhone I was ready to run.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning 10k Race Recap I went out a bit fast for the first 2ks’ then finally began to feel my running feet/pace kick in as I ran/walked the race. Although I didn’t run with anyone, I had some fab ‘feel good’ music on my phone and also kept pace with some other runners which was good.  By the time I got to the 5k mark I had begun to warm up and had got into the groove of spotting the race photographers along the route and trying to at least look like I wasn’t about to keel over as I ran past  them ! (who knows – the pics will be out soon I’m sure!!).

Anyway, finally the 8k marker came up and I started to move up my pace a bit until I was finally delighted to see the finish line in the distance and then I ran as fast as I could towards the line (helped with one of my favourite tracks on my iPhone)- remembering to try & smile, look cool & not trip up (again the pictures will tell the tale!)

CoffeeCakesAndRunning 10k Race Recap So how did I do? Well I took 10 minutes off of my last 10k run last Jan, which I guess isn’t bad – I didn’t break the hour mark which was my plan – but then – I didn’t deserve to – I hadn’t trained as much as I said I would & I’d had two concurrent bouts of tonsillitiis which took me out of training for 3 weeks just a few weeks before the race – but in the spirit of #noexcuses – I don’t think this made a huge difference.

Maybe I’m just addicted to ‘free T-Shirts & Medals’ – because I sure don’t feel the love for running – but maybe it will come with practice and more training. But in a weird way, I do enjoy it because I like the challenge of running faster and harder each time to get new personal bests !

Will I be back and do another 10k? –  you betcha – in fact – I’m running the RAK 1/2 marathon in 3 weeks time (mad or what – coz I’m certainly not ready for that distance!)  and although I’ll train between now and then – I’m not going to be race ready for that distance unless a miracle happens (let me know if any of you know someone who can grant miracles in exchange for #banoffee) – but hey – I made the commitment so have just got to do it.

As I often tweet, and firmly believe #NoPainNoGain & more importantly #NoExcuses and as Nike so elegantly put it #JustDoIt

PS : apologies for the bad hair day !! Seriously need a hair cut & in one of the pictures it’s soaking wet – coz girls who run – SWEAT (sorry guys – we do)