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10 Things Puppies find Impossible to Resist

Little Lexi joined our house last week as a rescue puppy.  She’s somewhere between the age of six and eight weeks old at the moment.  The vet thinks she’s part German Shepherd and the rest is unknown so far.  Its early days in our household with this little bundle of fun, but so far here’s a list of ten things that Lexi finds absolutely impossible to resist.

10 Things Puppies find impossible to resist

  1. Nibbling Humans. From brightly painted toe nails, fingers, ankles, hands, arms etc Lexi is on it.  Size is no issue, essentially it seems like her jaw unhinges whatever is the object of her eye is inside her mouth surrounded by some surprisingly sharp teeth!  Watch out she LOVES painted toe nails and ankles.
  2. Food she’s not allowed to eat! Clearly this girlie is going to be a ‘foodie’.  Human Food is so appealing to her, from the moment you open the fridge to serving up dinner she wants in!  She simply adores sweet potatoes and chicken, she’s so “on trend”!
  3. Night time sleep. Periods of two hours (or more, one can only dream at this stage) in particularly are difficult for her she needs to pee. She loves to wake you from your slumber by banging her chewy against the wall of her cage or to bark in that heart wrenching way that immediately drags you out of your dream to bring her to potty.
  4. Staying Awake during the day.  An equally difficult task.  Whilst she can’t sleep for more than two hours at a time in the night, conversely she can manage a good four hours early morning nap without the blink of an eye.
  5. Nibbling your stuff. She’s teething and testing and learning about stuff so anything she can get her jaw around is fair game to her.  Watch out what you leave out and about within Lexi reach or be prepared for some expensive mistakes. Contact lenses are not dog food, nor are table legs, cushions, sofas…. the list goes on and on!  PS you will be amazed at how long or tall Lexi can make herself when she needs to reach something you don’t think she can reach.
  6. Peeing and pooping – mostly where I ask her to (she’s a quick learner), but sometimes in completely unexpected places – watch out where you step, especially when it’s dark! Her party trick is to do ‘her business’  in front of any visitor at any place in the house house,  about one nano second after I’ve told them that she’s learning to potty pretty quickly in the guest bathroom!
  7. Her toys – for about five seconds flat her toys are the ‘best thing since sliced bread’ until she’s bored or doesn’t know how to play! Conversely if she’s has something she isn’t meant to nibble on, she will play with it for hours on end.
  8. Small spaces.  Absolutely impossible to resist especially those full of cables and important technology, hello expensive mistakes or possible puppy electrocution hazards! Alternatively those where she knows she can’t easily be reached are also impossible to avoid.
  9. Hearing her name being called. When she’s doing something she shouldn’t or when you want her attention she just simply cannot hear you.  Rustle a chocolate wrapper or slowly open the fridge and she’s by your side in two seconds flat.
  10. Anything that flaps or moves.  Nibbling, dresses, trousers or PJ’s is absolutely irresistible. There’s nothing like walking around the house with a two pound furry Lexi hanging on tight around your ankles. On a positive note it’s a cool way of cleaning the floor lol

My list

And as for me, well there’s only one thing on my list that I can’t resist – Lexi!  She didn’t have a great start to life after being abandoned below a building in close to 50C heat here in the UAE. Thankfully she was rescued by some fantastic people and has been adopted by us where she is already very much loved. She’s been with us less than a week, but so far she’s cute, adorable, funny, naughty, charming, vulnerable, cheeky and so much more and she’s definitely putting us through our paces.  She’s simply adorable and a great addition to our family.

You can follow Lexi’s adventures on her Instagram Account – Lexi_Loves_Life

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Lexi (formerly known as Callie) was adopted from SNIFF (Strays Needing Interim or Furever Friends)

They have lots of dogs and cats on their books and have an all-inclusive Adoption Package which covers the following :

  • Adoption Fee (contribution towards vets fees for emergencies etc pre adoption)
  • Vet check up after adoption
  • Vaccinations
  • Spaying
  • Microchip & Municipality Registration
  • Deworming