CoffeeCakesAndRunning 0peration_Frugal _Girl

0peration_Frugal _Girl

So, the cupboards, fridge and freezer have been overflowing with food recently – plus our grocery bill each week seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I decided that we would have a bit of a challenge which I’ve called #operation_frugal_girl. Basically I’m seeing if we can survive a whole month – July – by primarily eating up the contents of the fridge/freezer and pantry and only supplementing with fresh fruit/veg/dairy and eggs.

So far it’s going well – we’re eating fairly normal meals – but I’m fairly sure this will change as the month progresses !

I’m a ‘batch cook’ by nature – so we have plenty of frozen prepared meals of savoury mince, chilli, curry – thai and indian and cauliflower/brocolli cheese bakes. I also did a big shop recently using a Timeout Voucher at the Gourmet Butchers shop so we have plenty of Wagyu steak, ribeye, lamb sausages, beef burgers, and chicken.

The cupboard is overflowing with tins of staples – baked beans, beans (kidney, black, butter etc), rice/pasta, cereal, tinned tomatoes/passata, noodles, Xmas pud, marzipan and mincemeat leftover from Christmas ! – various packet mixes, herbs, spices and sauces etc. More than enough to keep us going for a while.

Then there’s my ‘maids room’ which I also use to store various goodies from the UK – coffee/cereals/hot chocolate/tea bags/coffee pods/Bovril etc – stuff that I either can’t get in Dubai or which seem to run out regularly or are very expensive.

So you get the idea – plenty of food – enough to feed us and a visiting rugby team !

So far we are doing well, our first week’s shopping bill was less than 150/AED (£30) so a bargain !

More to follow ……..